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Network planning

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Network planning

The power supply networks are experiencing a dynamic change. The reasons for this change are the technical and economic requirements as well as the political aspirations. A safe and reliable power supply is of the utmost importance for economic success. In addition, politicians should act in an environmentally conscious manner through decarbonisation measures and strive for a sustainable power supply. This results in a steady increase in renewable energy sources and the integration of new players such as electromobility, storage technology and power to gas (p2G). This brings with it new challenges. New tasks are added to the classic network planning tasks. Targeted and flexible network planning is required so that the networks can react successfully to dynamic changes in the electricity network.

We support you in the context of network planning

Modeling the network in the network calculation program

The network is recorded in the network calculation program on the basis of network data. This is done schematically and / or similarly according to the customer’s request. The network data are checked for plausibility. The network modeling is the basis for the implementation of further network planning tasks. For successful planning, the digitized network should reflect the physical network as much as possible. The network is recorded in close cooperation with the customer.

Planning of industrial networks

  • Planning of new industrial networks
  • Planning of network expansions
  • Stationary investigation of motor start-up for large motors
  • Island operation

Consulting services

With continuous support, we are also happy to advise our customers on all technical questions in the area of network planning.

Planning the distribution network

  • Load flow calculation and short-circuit current calculation
  • Structure network planning:
    Assessment of the current network structure and determination of the technically / economically optimal network structure / planning of network expansions / long-term network planning (target network planning)
  • Connection evaluation of the decentralized system:
    Evaluation of the connection of new decentralized systems in accordance with guidelines VDE AR4105 (in low-voltage network) and VDE AR4110 (in medium-voltage network).
  • Reactive power compensation
  • Neutral point treatment

Your competent contact for all aspects of protection technology

Intelligent and efficient power grids are our specialty. So that your power grids function without resistance, we create the basis with grid planning and grid expansion. FYK – Power Engineering is your reliable partner – starting with the precise network calculation up to a detailed planned, executed and presented simulation.

Digital advance planning

As an experienced service provider in the areas of network planning and network expansion, we create a digital facsimile of your network. Using this network model and high-quality simulation tools, we find logically comprehensible and thus remediable weak points within your distribution network.

In addition to the search for weak points, the simulation also allows us as a provider to plan your network expansion in an economically efficient manner based on good data. If you send us the appropriate data, we can evaluate your energy generation and energy consumption systems to determine whether their construction, renovation or dismantling represent sensible options.

We hand over a comprehensive protection concept to you after the FYK – Power Engineering network planning. You activate your network and from this point in time you already have a security concept that has been fully developed through simulations.

As a provider, our network expansion also includes protection settings for all stations in your power grid. To do this, we send our well-trained and experienced specialists. In practice, we are therefore able to carry out short-term tests of the protective devices directly on site. This is particularly useful when a long-term partnership allows experience with the specific circumstances in each case.

In summary, you receive from us as a provider of network planning and network expansion …

  • a protection concept,
  • a formulated network study,
  • a parameterization,
  • Protection coordination also on site,
  • Setting the protective device

… and a regular review of all relevant parameters. In this way we can ensure the longevity of your network.

FYK – Power Engineering – our network planning and network expansion

The success of the energy transition depends fundamentally on two factors – electricity generation from renewable energies and the further development of the transmission network. The nuclear power plants in Germany will be shut down in the near future. Wind power, solar energy and hydropower are becoming increasingly important.

The challenge here is to continuously supply the end consumer with energy. And that even though the sun doesn’t shine at night and the wind doesn’t always blow. It is therefore important to let electricity flow safely and stably 24 hours a day. Since the requirements for energy and electricity networks are constantly changing, network planning is a constant, always refreshingly new and exciting process.

Network planning and network expansion as a Germany-wide safety network

Successful network planning ensures the power supply anywhere and at any time. The German power grid is one of the safest and best functioning in the world. To ensure that it stays that way, network planning and network expansion are important.

Think of it like the road system. If nobody cares, the potholes get bigger and the traffic comes to a standstill. Traffic is also increasing, as is the demand for electricity. If the road network were not expanded, traffic jams would inevitably arise. So that there is no traffic jam in the power grid, so that your end consumers keep their high opinion of German power suppliers, network expansion is necessary every day.

Our analysis tools and computer programs simulate today’s and future electricity requirements. This enables us to see where the rapidly growing e-mobility can lead to power consumption hotspots in the future.

Network planning and network expansion have very specific advantages for people’s everyday lives. Even if a household could get over the failure of the washing machine for a day or two, hospitals cannot perform vital operations or other measures without power. We therefore plan the networks and their expansion in such a way that even the failure of an essential network component does not result in the network only being able to supply electricity to a limited extent for end consumers.

The benefits of professional network planning and network expansion for your company

In the area of load flow calculation, we create a plan for the optimal switching state for minimal network loss. What is important for this is very good network reliability, which ensures normal operation even in the event of a fault. In the area of load flow calculation, we also plan for changes in the network.

When calculating the short circuit, we plan and calculate your optimal settings for the protective devices. This is based on the lower residual current limit values (2-pole). We are also expanding our services to include 3-pole short-circuit calculations. Here we check the mechanical and thermal load capacity of the switchgear and the systems. If it meets the requirements of your power grid, we also calculate everything taking into account the load flow.

As a basis for a precisely working earth-fault protection concept, we also calculate the capacitive earth-fault current in the event of a fault. In addition, we also check the maximum permissible step voltage of your network as part of the earth fault calculation.

Network planning and network expansion – planning the future

You realize that without a sensible network planning, a safe and competent network expansion is unthinkable. The end of network planning is the end of the network. Not only regular maintenance is important, the possible adjustments to constantly new challenges are also made possible by network planning.

Your competent contact for all aspects of protection technology

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