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Control technology

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The control technology is an important part of the secondary technology, it thus fulfills the tasks of monitoring, controlling and regulating the energy supply networks.

It consists of the central secondary technology (network control level), transmission and decentralized secondary technology (station and field control level).

Primary switching devices, converters and transformers as well as their components for signal acquisition are integrated into the control system via the station control level (system central unit, cross-field protection functions, auxiliary voltage supply) and the field control level (field unit, controller, protection devices and process connections).

What do we provide for this service ?

At FYK Power Engineering, we would like to support you in creating a concept for your station control technology, regardless of the protection and bay control devices that are used in your system. This includes the following positions:

Creation and development of the typical based data point lists

Checking the assignment of messages, commands and measured values

Creation of a system topology for the plant (overview of the components used in the field and station control level up to the network control center)

Advice on the selection of the protocol connection (IEC 61850, 60870 or Modbus)

We advise you on the following telecontrol protocols communications:

IEC 618850

Integration of protection / control equipment (network)

IEC 60870-5-104

Communication protocol between control center and station control level, TCP / IP via networks, ring connection field unit (network)

IEC 60870-5-101

Communication protocol between control center and ward control level, serial interface

Modbus protocol

(serial and network)

IEC 60870-5-103

Protective communication with the bay unit (serial interface)


(serial and network)

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