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F.Y.K – Power Engineering is your point of contact when it comes to planning and managing intelligent & efficient power grids

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Who is F.Y.K
Power Egineering?

FYK Power Engineering: Innovative & Efficient.Regardless of whether it is a municipal utility or an industrial group: We are your competent partner for intelligent, sustainable and effective electricity planning. Arrange a non-binding discussion with our experts now.

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Network planning

The power supply networks are experiencing a dynamic change. The reasons for this change are the technical and economic requirements as well as the political aspirations. A safe and reliable power supply is of the utmost importance for economic success. In addition, politicians should act in an environmentally conscious manner through decarbonisation measures and strive for a sustainable power supply. This results in a steady increase in renewable energy sources and the integration of new players such as electromobility, storage technology and power to gas (p2G). This brings with it new challenges. New tasks are added to the classic network planning tasks. Targeted and flexible network plann...

Protection technology

Protection technology is one of the most important planning tasks for power supply networks. The aim of protection technology is to detect errors and to switch them off quickly and selectively. On the one hand, this protects the system from thermal and mechanical loads and, on the other hand, the faulty line is switched off in a targeted manner. With the increasing penetration of DEA into the power grid, the operating behavior of the grid changes and represents a challenge for protection technology. From the point of view of protection technology, each project is unique due to the different customer requirements and the different technical feasibility. As part of network protection planning,...


Commissioning on the construction site is the last but also the most demanding task in project management. FYK Power Engineering offers the following commissioning packages...

Control technology

The control technology is an important part of the secondary technology, it thus fulfills the tasks of monitoring, controlling and regulating the energy supply networks. It consists of the central secondary technology (network control level), transmission and decentralized secondary technology (station and field control level). Primary switching devices, converters and transformers as well as their components for signal acquisition are integrated into the control system via the station control level (system central unit, cross-field protection functions, auxiliary voltage supply) and the field control level (field unit, controller, protection devices and process connections)....

Installation, construction and routing

In the area of planning and installing various systems (overhead lines, transformer stations, etc..) up to 400 kV, we provide complete solutions for new construction measures as well as for expansion, maintenance, renovation and modernization measures.The most important customers of FYK Power Engineering include both German and international energy supply co mpanies, the railways and various municipal utilities.FYK Power Engineering provides complete solutions for both new construction and expansion, maintenance, refurbishment and modernization measures.To manage the upcoming work, we rely on our trained specialist staff, who are constantly being trained and have direct access to the...

Our customers

Who are our services for ?

Our customers include learning industrial manufactures, municipal utilities in various German cities and distribution network operators across Europe

Why choose us ?

Why choose F.Y.K

FYK -Power Engineering is your competent partner when it comes to intelligent and efficient networks. We advise you holistically in the areas of network planning, protection technology, control technology and commissioning.

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Engineering office for energy technology

Energy is the pulse of our modern society. Every kilowatt of power enlivens people’s everyday lives. Nowadays electricity does not only flow from the power plant in one direction to the consumer. Decentralized power supply is the trend. The energy and mobility transition combine to form the framework in which FYK Power Engineering is your engineering office for energy technology.

For many years, FYK Power Engineering has been successful in advising, planning and implementing systems for power generation, power transmission and power storage. Our experience and our specialist knowledge are your navigation system on the autobahn of the electrotechnical infrastructure.

Responsible. Dynamic. Innovative.

For us, responsible work means to be customer-oriented and economically active in such a way that the highest quality accompanies the process through to completion – and beyond if desired.

For us, dynamic work means reactively accompanying the planning and implementation – and motivating right down to the tip of your hair.

For us, innovative work means recognizing and using the latest technological possibilities with a wealth of variants and ideas.

Our independence for a common future

We work independently. This means that we are not obliged to any supplier or other service provider. In this way we guarantee that every property is built as cost-efficiently, energy-saving, sustainable and future-proof as the technology allows.

Fair and sustainable solutions

We take responsibility. FYK Power Engineering is your engineering office for energy technology with solutions for sustainable energy areas such as photovoltaics, hydrogen, wind power and solar energy.

Our highly qualified employees use their experience in energy technology solutions in all areas of industry, municipal utilities and distribution networks. You pay great attention to network planning, protection technology, control technology, commissioning and the training of your staff.

For example, you are able to offer people optimally balanced load management when charging e-cars. This enables companies to stay one step ahead of the competition when recruiting new employees.

Energy transition – yesterday, today, tomorrow

The turn to renewable energies is important and right. Anyone who seriously deals with energy and its technology knows that we must all work best today with this technology for a common tomorrow.

The specialists at FYK Power Engineering offer you technical know-how for this change. This specialist knowledge makes it possible to foresee developments with foresight and to react proactively to them now.

Template solution – not with us

Local conditions, citizens’ interests, political compromise work and what is technically feasible are just some of the variables that we consider in our work. There is no template for energy technology that is perfect everywhere.

We therefore offer our customers innovative and individual solutions. It is important that the solutions meet all efficiency and cost requirements. Our partners benefit from sustainable, long-lasting energy technologies from FYK Power Engineering.

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