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Installation, construction and routing

Complete solutions both for new construction measures and for expansion, maintenance, refurbishment and modernization measures.

Installation, construction and routing

In the area of planning and installing various systems (overhead lines, transformer stations, etc..) up to 400 kV, we provide complete solutions for new construction measures as well as for expansion, maintenance, renovation and modernization measures.

The most important customers of FYK Power Engineering include both German and international energy supply companies, the railways and various municipal utilities.

FYK Power Engineering provides complete solutions for both new construction and expansion, maintenance, refurbishment and modernization measures.

To manage the upcoming work, we rely on our trained specialist staff, who are constantly being trained and have direct access to the most modern equipment. This enables us to handle even unusual tasks professionally and in a timely manner.

Our services for installation, construction and routing

Renewable Energies

We are your partner for planning, construction, maintenance and repair of:

  • photovoltaic systems
  • wind turbines
  • hydroelectric power plants
  • biomass plants

    Overhead line construction up to 400 KV

    • Line construction, new construction or replacement
    • Execution of all civil engineering, surface and foundation work
    • Line construction with emergency linkage
    • Light and heavy path construction with your own excavator mattresses
    • Conductor cable, earth cable, fiber optic cable replacement, new cable installation
    • Mast increase, mast renovation
    • Draft and implementation planning incl. all routing tasks
    • Calculations: statics, sag, distances, rope regulations

    Standardized solutions

    • Low-voltage, medium-voltage and high-voltage switchgear
    • Low-voltage main distribution boards
    • Production of type-tested low-voltage switchgear (TSK) according to VDE 0660 part 500 (up to 6300A)
    • Emergency power and backup power systems
    • DC power supply and battery systems
    • Circuit breaker maintenance, grid protection

    Complex network construction

    • current
    • gas
    • water
    • warmth
    • data networks

    Planning the distribution network

    • Planning, construction and maintenance of turnkey plants
    • Civil engineering and surface works
    • Laying and assembly of cables in all voltage levels up to 110 kV
    • Assembly of all connection and branch sleeves as well as terminations up to 110 kV
    • Cable work in the track area
    • Live working (AuS) in the low-voltage network
    • Switching operations in LV and MV networks
    • Construction and testing of grounding and lightning protection systems
    • Dismantling work and professional disposal
    • Maintenance, inspection and repair work

    Switchgear construction

    • Products of our company and partners

      • customer-specific low-voltage switchgear, type-tested and approved.
      • Distribution frames for transformer, compact and walk-in stations
      • Low-voltage main distribution boards for industrial plants, design verification according to DIN 61439
      • Outgoing panels, light distributors, power distributors, node distribution

    Transformer stations

    • Construction of transformer stations as compact or walk-in variants
    • Production of transfer protection stations including protection testing
    • Exchange of MV and LV systems
    • Performance increases on existing systems
    • Rental stations, contracting
    • Connection to the low and medium voltage network
    • Pressure calculation for switchgear rooms
    • Servicing, maintenance and operational management

    Planning, routing & surveying

    • Planning and configuration of local networks, overhead lines, stations
    • Inventory survey of supply systems
    • Obtaining easements, border determination and legal safeguarding of supply systems
    • Clearance constriction measurement, profile recordings
    • Graphic data processing (GEOgraf, CADdy, AutoCAD)
    • Routing
    • Fault location

    Your competent contact for all aspects of protection technology

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