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Commissioning on the construction site is the last but also the most demanding task in project management. FYK Power Engineering offers the following commissioning packages

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Commissioning of protection devices


Setting of protection relays

  • Distance protection
  • Differential protection (Transformer, overhead line, cable)
  • Busbar protection
  • Generator protection
  • Motor protection
  • Voltage protection
  • Earth fault protection
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Reverse interlocking, directional comparison protection

Secondary Testing of pickup and tripping time

  • Distance protection devices
  • Protection test UMZ protection
  • Protection test differential protection
  • Earth fault protection

Testing of Current transformer (CT) and electrical equipment

  • Testing tripping of circuit breakers
  • Testing of CT-polarity
  • Testing of direction of windows type transformer
  • Testing of binary input and output

Commissioning of control systems

  • Testing the communication links between the devices
  • Sampling inspection of the protection reports
  • Sampling inspection of reports to the control centre via Fink

Commissioning of Voltage control and Petersen coil control

  • Parameterization of the controller
  • Uploading the parameterization
  • Tuning test, binary input and output test